Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dec. 12, 2013 - Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Twenty-Four Hours a Day
Thursday, Dec. 12, 2013

AA Thought for the Day
Clergymen speak of the spiritual fellowship of the church. This is much closer to the AA way than mere group therapy. Such a fellowship is based on a common belief in God and a common effort to live a spiritual life. We try to do this in AA. We also try to get down to the real problems in each others' lives. We try to open up to each other. We have a real desire to be of service to each other. We try to go deep down into the personal lives of our members.

Do I appreciate the deep personal fellowship of AA?

Meditation for the Day
Love and fear cannot dwell together. By their very natures, they cannot exist side by side. Fear is a very strong force. And, therefore, a weak and vacillating love can soon be routed by fear. But a strong love, a love that trusts in God, is sure eventually to conquer fear. The only sure way to dispel fear is to have the love of God more and more in your heart and soul.

Prayer for the Day
I pray that love will drive out the fear in my life. I pray that my fear will flee before the power of the love of God.

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